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Kristi - Mama of 2

Over 50+ Easy and Delicious Recipes!

For the past decade we have been developing recipes, testing others, and now are bringing you the best ones!

12 Months of Done-For-You Meal Plans

The "Meal planning" part can take hours! Now you never have to spend time "Meal Planning" ever again because we did it all for you.

Complete Grocery Lists Ready to Go

Budget friendly meal plans start with a grocery list, and you don't have time to put one together, as we have done it for you!

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The Average American Family of 4 spends over $1200 a month on groceries.

This meal plan can help to cut your grocery budget by over 40%! No matter where you live, or what the cost of groceries are, the process is where you will save.

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About the Product

We've included over 50+ easy recipes for you to enjoy over the year! Each meal plan menu is different and you will enjoy tasty recipes all year long.

What Recipes Are Included?

Chicken Fajitas – Mississippi Pot Roast – Homestyle Beef Stew – Sloppy Joes – Enchilada Bowl – Bean Burritos – Lazy Lasagna –Spaghetti and Meatballs – Ham and Potato Soup – Chili – Tex Mex Chicken – Tuscan Tortellini Soup – General Tso Chicken – Salsa Verde Chicken – Philly Cheesesteak – Butter Garlic Steak Bites – Orange Chicken – Hidden Veggie Bake – Sausage Tortellini Bake – Mac and Cheese – Basil Tomato Soup – Italian Wedding Soup – Ranch Chicken Tacos – Spicy Tortilla Soup – Apple BBQ Pulled Chicken – Chicken Enchiladas – Mexican Shredded Beef – French Dip with Au Jus – Chickpea Potato Green Curry – BBQ chickpea sloppy joes – Easy Ziti Bake – Chicken Alfredo – Pea Soup – Lentil Curry Soup – Chicken Noodle Soup – Chicken Lettuce Wraps – Barbacoa Beef – Beef Tacos – Spaghetti Squash with tomato sauce – Million Dollar Pasta – Pizza Pasta Casserole – Ground Turkey White Chili – Thai Chicken – Chimichurri steak and potatoes – Burgers – Chicken Pot Pie Soup – Butter Chicken – Broccoli Cheddar Soup – Buffalo Chicken – Lemon Chicken Soup – Red Lentil Dal – Beef Picadillo – Carne Asada – Sausage Tortellini – Chicken Gnocchi Soup – Jerk Chicken

About the Author

Hi, I’m Hannah!

I literally had no time for myself, and no energy for anyone else. Mom guilt is heavy and going from working all day to cooking at night was one of the worst feelings.

I searched and searched and discovered this process, but my biggest surprised was that it actually worked! For the past decade I have been creating meal plans, and now I am so excited to be sharing this one with you! This meal plan will not only help you save money, but it will help you find you again, prioritize the important things, and eliminate dinner time decision fatigue once and for all!

*We offer a Happiness Guarentee 30 Day Refund Period

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A Year of Meal Plans on a Budget!

We've Also Included

  • Goals template so you can remember your WHY!

  • Note templates to keep track of anything you want to remember

  • Freezer labels so you don't have to look up ANYTHING when you cook...

  • ….and so anyone can pop dinner in (Thats right ladies, he no longer has any excuse)

  • BONUS resources

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you don't like this meal plan, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. Just send an email to Hannah@MyFamilyDinner.com. You have nothing to lose!

A Year of Meal Plans on a Budget


How many people does each recipe feed?

Each recipe is designed to feed 4-6 adults. For example a roast dinners recommends 2-3 lbs of meat, plus other ingredients. If you family needs way more or less feel free to adjust.

Do the recipes have metric measurements?

Not at this time however we will soon be releasing a Meal Plan Membership and every recipe and meal plan will be available with metric measurements. Sign Up for Waitlist Here: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/x5i2c2

Will this save me money?

Absolutely! It's about the process. We shop and prep in bulk which allows you to reduce waste and save money. Average person sees a 25-40% monthly savings.

Can I use my instant pot?

YES! You can easily convert the cooking times from slow cooker directions to instant pot directions. Coming soon, a meal plan subscription that will give you immediate access to this & more.

Why is each dinner listed twice?

Because you will be prepping each recipe twice. Each recipe card contains the ingredients for one dinner. By prepping that dinner two times you will experience optimum savings!

Do I need an extra freezer?

No, this is the beauty of prepping two weeks at a time. All your dinners should be able to easily fit in your freezer. TIP: Do a freezer clean out before your first prep session if its packed.

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